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Wednesday, June 7, 2017 - 12:00am

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Student Information

NAME: Conrad

MAJOR: Psychology

MINOR: Education


What helped you prepare for transferring to UCSB?

The Transfer Summer Start program (TSSP) helped tremendously. There is no better way to prepare for transferring than to transfer early. TSSP allowed me to take multiple classes over the summer, doing well in these classes calmed my anxiety; I realized that I can handle the rigor of University classes. TSSP also helped me make friends, some of which were in my Fall and Winter classes which made forming study groups much easier.

After I decided to come to UCSB, my counselors, friends and family members started connecting me to alumni, faculty, and current students so when I arrived on campus I knew a few people who were willing to show me around and connect me to the campus. I'm very social as well, so my first few weeks I just walked around talked to students. I made friends in the library, at the Rec Cen and playing volleyball around campus. 

What has been your biggest challenge in adjusting to university life,  and how did you overcome that challenge?

My biggest challenge transferring was not the academics but rather the financial aspect. I needed to secure a job right away to help me pay for rent and other school expenses. It was a struggle at first, and I did have to call home and ask for help the first few months, but I’m glad I was able to secure part-time positions that are related to my potential career in higher education. The uncertainty of the unknown was daunting. I wondered "What if I don't get a job?" "What if I have to take out all of my loans?" "What if I'm late on rent and it messes up my credit?" These were all questions that I pondered but with the help of Career Services and networking I was able to land several positions.

What was one of your biggest concerns before transferring that ended up not being a concern?

Two of my biggest concerns before transferring that ended up not being a concern was: (1) Getting into my major. I was admitted into the Psychology major at the end of Fall quarter after I finished my last prerequisite. (2) If I picked the right school to transfer to. Most transfer students have multiple options and deciding which university to transfer to can be a hard decision. But with all of the opportunities that have been extended to me here at UCSB, along with our  great rankings, in conjunction with the amazing weather and friendly faculty, staff and student body, I know I made the right choice!  

How have you changed from the start of your first quarter here up until now?

Throughout community college I didn't keep a schedule but here at UCSB, I live off of Google Calendar. Everything from my class schedule, work schedule, professors office hours, meetings, midterms, even lunch with a friend is put on my calendar along with reminders.

What advice do you have for new transfer students?

If you want to make friends, remember, there are thousands of other new transfer students who want to make friends too. Walk around, be open and social. There are a lot of campus based events put on by RAs, clubs, and resource programs, go to those events and mingle.  

Describe the difference between lecture and discussion sections?

Lectures are led by professors, typically in a lecture hall with +100 students. Sections are led by TAs which are usually graduate students and sections hold about 30 students and supplement the lecture. Lecture is a place for you to listen and take in information, while section is built to review and enhance the clarity of the material in lecture. 

Which housing options would you recommend?

I'd recommend Transfer Students live in San Joaquin ("SJ" is what we call it) because there are the newest campus apartments. Atmosphere at SJ is friendly and open. Almost all of the resident at SJ will be transfers students. In addition, the brand new dining common Portola, which is adjacent to SJ is currently being built. Why not stay in a brand new place, with new furniture and a brand new dining common near by?

What food resources are available to students? Have you used them during your time here? 

The food resources that are available to student are Cal-fresh which gives eligible students around $200 a month for groceries, AS food bank which gives free food and toiletries to students: Monday, Wednesday and Friday. And, there are also food banks run by the Santa Barbara county and local churches.