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Wednesday, June 7, 2017 - 12:00am

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Student Information

NAME: Sara

MAJOR: Sociology

MINOR: Applied Psychology


What helped you prepare for transferring to UCSB? 

What helped me prepare for transferring was utilizing my community college counselors in the S.T.A.R program. They guided me in what classes to take and told me what to highlight in my application to UCSB. She also offered emotional support and gave me tips about studying for a quarter system. I also joined the Schools App -- seeing other transfers having the same questions and feelings as I did helped a lot.

Do your courses usually require a textbook(s)? If so, where do you purchase them?

Usually all of my classes require a textbook. I prefer to check out the textbook and scan them. The Professor does not provide the book in the Library, so I rely on Amazon and to get the cheapest price.

What is your take on UCSB’s “Party School” reputation? 

I do not feel that the “Party School” reputation is accurate. If you are looking to party there are parties, but it is not as wild and unruly as speculated. There is much more to do here than just party, and not everyone here parties.

How do you get to and from school and around the city?

The bus system is the easiest way for me to get around. Although not the fastest, it is a great resource to use. All the bus drivers are nice and very friendly.

Which housing options would you recommend?

I would recommend using student housing for the first year because you are guaranteed a spot and won’t have to worry about being ripped off by a landowner. Also, you will not have to break a lease if you do not get along well with your roommates. Overall, it is nice to have other transfers living with you and makes it feel more at home.