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Wednesday, June 7, 2017 - 12:00am

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Student Information

NAME: Natalie

MAJOR: Psychology


What do you wish you had done differently to prepare for transferring to UCSB?

I wish I had tried to find roommates through Facebook and the UCSB Schools App instead of letting housing randomly assign my roommates.

What is your take on UCSB’s “Party School” reputation? 

If you want to party, there are plenty of opportunities to do so at UCSB. However, I think that can be said for most colleges. There is so much more to this school than the party scene! As for the social atmosphere, there are 20+ events to check out daily.  If the party school reputation worries you at all, just know that you can easily have an amazing time here without ever stepping foot in a party.

Do you have a car? Do you think it’s necessary to bring a car?

I do have a car and I use it every day. If you want to be able to travel back home on weekends or whenever, I think having a car makes that very convenient.  It is also nice to be able to explore the city on your own time and not rely on public transit. That being said, I take the bus to school every day. Travelling to and from school and within IV is easier to do through busing and biking. Parking is a hassle, especially if you can’t parallel park!

Which housing options would you recommend?

I would recommend university apartments to transfer students. They are fully furnished and all utilities are included. In addition, I can not stress enough how beneficial it would be to actively seek out roommates prior!

Where do you like to shop for groceries?

Trader Joe’s is my favorite place to grocery shop. Its about  8 minute car ride away from school. If you don’t have a car, Costco and smart and final are very close by. I have never grocery shopped within IV, but the Co-op seems great. I also know that students pick up a lot of quick things at the 7-Eleven in IV.