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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

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Student Information

NAME: Maria

MAJOR: Psychology

MINOR: Applied Psychology


What helped you prepare for transferring to UCSB?

What helped me prepare for transferring to UCSB was participating in the STEM Transfer Summer Start Program for Psychology. I feel very fortunate to have had this opportunity because the program allowed me to experience what UCSB would be like during the fall by taking summer classes for six weeks. I was able to experience the pace of the quarter system and I also learned a lot about research opportunities.

What advice do you have for new transfer students?

The advice I have for new transfer students is to utilize the resources available at UCSB. We already pay a lot of money to be at UCSB, so definitely take advantage of those resources and opportunities. In addition, I advise transfer students to not be afraid to get the support they may need. Attend office hours, connect with faculty and graduate student TA’s and ask questions! Be part of a mentoring program or group/organization that will help you transition to UCSB. Also, try to form study groups because I have found that when you study with others, it has been more helpful for me because you are talking about the material and if someone in your group understands something that you don’t, then they can help you understand or vice versa. In addition, despite all your responsibilities and commitments you may have, remember to take care of yourself. Doing some self-care is very important too! I also encourage new transfer students to utilize the Transfer Student Center because this is a space specifically for transfers. Take advantage of the workshops/events they provide.

Did you find that you needed to be more independent and take more initiative at UCSB? How so?

I do feel that when I transferred to UCSB I had to take the initiative to find the resources available on campus such as CLAS, Academic Advising, Financial Aid, etc. I had to take the initiative in making sure I received the support I needed. In addition, I had to make sure that I was on the right track with my pre-major classes and if I needed additional requirements at UCSB. It was all a learning process.

How was the transition from semester to quarter system for you? Did you experience Transfer Shock?

The transition from a semester to the quarter system was definitely challenging. Even though I started the summer prior to starting in the Fall, it was still an adjustment getting adapted to the quarter system because I was taking more units than in the summer. I did experience transfer shock during the summer quarter, but I also reminded myself that transfer shock is something normal that many transfer students may experience. Getting fairly familiar with the quarter system during the summer, in the Fall, I was motivated to keep giving it my best.

 Do you work or have internships while at UCSB? Are they on-campus or off-campus?

I work at the Transfer Student Center (TSC) as a Peer Educator. This job has given me the opportunity to connect with new transfer students and be part of the Transfer Student community. I know as transfer students making friends can be somewhat difficult, but being involved at the TSC and their Transfer Student Mentoring Program has allowed me to connect to my identity as a transfer student. I have met amazing transfer students by going to some of the events the TSC has hosted. Lastly, I have also had the opportunity to learn from other transfer students’ experiences when they come into the TSC.

How do you get to and from school and around the city?

I walk to and from school every day. I really enjoy walking even though it takes longer than biking. In regards to getting around the city, I have taken the bus before. Make sure to get your bus sticker at the AS Ticket Office, so you don’t have to pay for the bus. I don’t have a car, but my roommates do, so sometimes they drive to go downtown.