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Wednesday, June 7, 2017 - 12:00am

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Student Information

NAME: Lauren

MAJOR: Pre-Sociology

MINOR: Applied Psychology


What resources, services, and spaces have you utilized on campus?

The resources I have used are the Transfer Student Center, CLAS, and Career Services. The Transfer Student Center has been very helpful to me through my transition into the University academically and socially. I feel very comfortable going to the advisors or the peer educators with any questions or concerns that I have. I am also a part if the TSC Mentoring Program, where I was paired with a senior transfer student and she has provided me with the student aspect of university life and we have become good friends! CLAS is Campus Learning Assistance Services, I went to CLAS for tutoring for my statistics class and it helped me comprehend the material and excel in the course. Career Services is resource where they assist you with career planning, job searching, and internships opportunities. I went to a workshop hosted by Career Services, called the Exploring Majors workshop where they helped me understand how to choose which major was right for me. I recently changed my major to Pre- Sociology and I am very excited to pursue and finish this major!

How was the transition from semester to quarter system for you? Did you experience Transfer shock? 

The transition from a semester system to a quarter system was difficult during my first quarter. The quarter system is only ten weeks and very fast pace. During my first quarter, I did experience Transfer shock and it was difficult for me to keep up with the work load while being a full-time student, having a social life, and maintaining my health. Now, after finishing my winter quarter, and finishing off spring quarter, I was able to improve my study habits and adjusted to the quarter system.

What organizations are you involved with on campus?

I have tried different organizations on campus to learn about different aspects of student life. Some organizations I have participated with are Life of the Party and Health and Wellness. Participating in organizations is a great way to get involved on- campus and a way to meet other students with the same interests and ambitions!

What are the options for private transportation? Do you have experience using them?

I am from San Diego and going home to visit my family is essential to me. I usually alternate methods of transportation by taking Rideshare, Amtrak, and driving myself to get home. I like rideshare because I get to meet a variety of students from my home town and make new friends! Amtrak is another option I like to take because the weeks where I have multiple assignments to do, I can get my work done along the ride. I personally like driving myself home because it’s a relaxing drive and I can make record time!

What types of housing options are available to transfer students?

There is a variety of student living for transfer students, there is on- campus residence halls or apartments and off-campus houses and apartments that are available to anyone. I currently live in the on- campus student apartments in the San Joaquin Villages. My apartment is a ten-minute bus ride or five-minute bike ride from campus. I like the on-campus apartments because they are fully furnished, a kitchen supplied with household appliances, Wi-Fi is included, and a private laundromat! The only con I have concerning the San Joaquin Villages is that there isn’t a parking lot for these complexes. I prefer on-campus housing because the rent is approximately $670 a month and it is cheaper and cleaner than off-campus housing.

 What are the options for transfer students and dining? Do you have a meal plan or do you cook your own meals?

Since I live in an on-campus apartment, I have a kitchen and I cook most of my meals. Once or twice a week I will go out to eat on-campus or at the variety of restaurants in IV. Cooking was one of the skills that I have gained and improved since living on my own for the first time. Having a meal plan is another option for transfer students if time is a necessity. It is a quick and easy way to make sure you are fueling your body and mind!