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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

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Student Information

NAME: Julian

MAJOR: Political Science

MINOR: History


What are some accomplishments you’ve achieved at UCSB that you’re most proud of thus far?

I’m incredibly proud of a few accomplishments here on  campus: one being a co-leader for ED20, working with orientation as an Orientation Staff Leader, and also being a Resident Advisor for Fall 17.  I’m also a council member for MAJIC, which represents the Sierra Madre and San Joaquin undergraduate apartments community. 

What advice do you have for new transfer students?

Don’t overload yourself your first quarter here; give yourself the time to get used to the quarter system and time to adjust to transitioning here.

Connect with the Transfer Student Center early and take advantage of the Center's resources.

Get out of your comfort zone; don’t be afraid to try something new.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. There’s no stigma to seeking help when you need it.

Visit office hours often.

Visit an academic advisor regularly to make sure you’re on track to graduate.

Take ED118.

Describe the difference between lecture and discussion sections?

Lecture is where the professor goes over the reading material and then elaborates on it more for the whole class, and we ask questions to gain a better understanding.

Discussion sections are where we talk about the lecture and the lessons brought up as well as addressing the questions that were asked in class. The discussion section usually adds more depth to the lesson.

Discussion section also allows students to be able to form study groups within the class.

Did you find that you needed to be more independent and take more initiative at UCSB? How so?

Absolutely! I found out quickly that I needed to be more independent and take more initiative at UCSB because while everyone is so collaborative and supportive, ultimately it’s up to you to seek out resources, help or opportunities.

How did you decide what student organizations to participate in? 

I decided what student organizations to participate by just seeing which one peaked my interests. Then, I’d attend a meeting or event and see if it was something I felt a part of or not.