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Wednesday, June 7, 2017 - 12:00am

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Student Information

NAME: Jeilo

MAJOR: Psychology

MINOR: Applied Psychology

CLASS STANDING: Junior/3rd yr

How are the courses different at UCSB than from your previous college(s)?

I’m in a class right now that holds over 650 students. We call this a lecture hall. As a psychology major, the lower division classes I’ve taken at Contra Costa College gave me a generalized overview of the class topics, but the upper division courses being taught here at UCSB were more comprehensive, more in-depth, and we have countless readings. For such a colossal lecture hall, we have TA’s that help the professor, in terms of holding a review session, and grading our midterms and finals. There was this one upper division class where your whole grade was dependent on one final. No midterms, participation grade or anything—just the final. With regard to our grading system, we take into account the “+” and “-“to our letter grade. For example, “A-“,”B+”,”B-“, whereas at my CC, we get to have “A”, or “B”, or “C” only.

How was the transition from semester to quarter system for you? Did you experience Transfer Shock?

Yes, I did experience Transfer Shock. Time flies when you’re in the quarter system. This is where your management skills are tested. I always talk about this with recent transfer students and the first thing that we talk about is transitioning from CC to a 4-year university. I did not have the GPA that I was expecting over Fall quarter, but everyone goes through it.

How do you get to and from school and around the city?

I have a bicycle that I always use going to school and coming from school. I occasionally take my bicycle with me, as I take the bus whenever I go to downtown.

Which housing options would you recommend?

I recommend living in one of the university-owned housing (apartments). I’d like to stress on this one because as a transfer student, it was extremely difficult for me to rely on Craigslist at that time, not knowing who to live with. With UCSB Housing, you have a little bit of control of who you want to live with because you are given this preference sheet to let them know what type of person you are. They then, try their best to pair you with other transfer students, who share the same interests as you do. It’s more convenient this way because you get to know the people around you easily, and later on decide if you want to live off-campus with the people you’ve made friends with.

What is your favorite spot to eat in the area?

Hiwi! Lilly’s Taqueria, IV Deli Mart’s Buffalo Chicken Cheese Fries!!

What food resources are available to students? Have you used them during your time here?

AS Food Bank! Free food?! Yes, please!