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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

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Student Information

NAME: Imosemen

MAJOR: Black Studies


What helped you prepare for transferring to UCSB?

Talking with admitted transfers was key when preparing to transfer! Most transfers were on an app called "Schools App" and if you ever had any questions, someone would always help to answer. Even some admin staff were there as well! I was fortunate to have a friend that already attended UCSB so speaking with her almost every day helped me!

How was the transition from semester to quarter system for you? Did you experience Transfer Shock?

Being completely honest, the transition is not the best. The same material you learn in 16 weeks is now being packed into 10 weeks. You notice the pace difference right away when you have a midterm and you just started the class 3 weeks ago. My advice would be to stay on top of everything! After a while you will adjust and 10 weeks still goes by fast but you will be used to the pace of the quarter system. A huge pro is that it keeps you on your toes so that you don't slack off!

What organizations are you involved with on campus?

When I began coming to UCSB, the first "group" I joined was the Sierra Madre Community Council to help organize events and resources for the transfer community at Sierra Madre. From there, I joined RHA (Residential Housing Association) to advocate for more visibility and resources for transfer as well as "off campus" freshman living in Santa Catalina. Currently, I am an intern with Life of the Party where we educate the UCSB community on ways to stay safe while partaking in alcohol and drugs.

How do you get to and from school and around the city?

My first year I did not have a car, so biking to campus was so fast! I would get to campus in less than 10 minutes. I also ride the bus while comes 4/5 times within the hour so there is always a way around! Even if you want to go downtown or to the grocery store there is always a bus that took you there so I never had to worry. I was lucky enough to have roommates that had cars so I could always ask for a ride but you can get away with not having a car here at UCSB!

What is your favorite spot to eat in the area?

My favorite spot to eat in Isla Vista is Hana Kitchen! They have Teriyaki bowls with rice and veggies that are about $5! It is the cheapest option in IV and it is so satisfying! But of course you have to have Freebirds nachos! It will change your life I guarantee you! If you haven't had it are you truly a UCSB student?