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Wednesday, June 7, 2017 - 12:00am

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Student Information

NAME: Alanna

MAJOR: Communication


What was one of your biggest concerns before transferring that ended up not being a concern?

I was very concerned with housing and what life would be like outside of the classroom. I found it easy to make friends because everyone was so nice and welcoming, so it ended up not being a problem at all. Just do things you enjoy, and you will meet people you enjoy being around!

What resources, services, or spaces have you utilized on campus?

Library Course Reserves, CLAS, CAPS, SRB Cultural Resource Centers, etc. During my 2 years here, I took advantage of all of the resources listed above. I used the Library Course Reserves, if I did not want to purchase a book for a class. I utilized CLAS when I was struggling in my Italian class. I frequently go to CAPS to talk to a psychologist and to use the massage chairs. I am currently writing this paper in the SRB Resource Center! Take advantage of any and all the resources you possibly can, for they make life a lot easier and are free for students!

How are the instructors different at UCSB than from your previous college(s)?

I feel like the professors here truly care and want to be here. I know that I had instructors who taught at my community college, who also taught at large 4-year universities. I felt like their community college job was their “side job”, and not all of them were completely passionate about the community college students. Here at UCSB, I feel like each professor I have had truly cares, wants to be here, and wants to help students succeed.

How was the transition from semester to quarter system for you? Did you experience Transfer Shock?

I definitely experienced Transfer Shock. I felt like I worked very hard but still got one of the lowest GPA's I had ever received. I learned a lot about myself and by my second quarter, my GPA shot back up.

What are the options and costs for public transportation?

Utilizing the MTD city bus/ trains to go home, I have used the MTD bus system and find it very easy to get around. I know Amtrak is another option, but I have never used it. I get home by going on the UCSB Bay Area Rideshare Facebook page (or UCSB SoCal Rideshare). It is very easy -- just give some money for gas and have other UCSB students to talk to. I get to and from home this way the majority of the time.