Victoria McLaughlin

Peer Educator (2019-2020)


Victoria is a fourth year transfer student from Santa Rosa Junior College located in Northern California. She is currently pursuing a degree in Film and Media Studies and aspires to become a future producer and executive at an independent production company. When she’s not watching movies or keeping up with the latest entertainment news, you can catch her baking cookies for her friends or reading the latest Stephen King novel.


Gender Pronouns: She/Her/Hers


Major: Film and Media Studies


Campus Involvements: Reel Loud Film and Arts Festival, Delta Kappa Alpha, Women in Media, Transfer Student Mentoring Program, Student Apartment Community Council, Dining with Faculty Program, and Pollock Internship.


Advice for New Transfers: Challenge yourself in ways that force you to venture out of your comfort zone and in ways where you can meet new people from all different types of backgrounds. Join clubs, attend the Transfer Student Center and Transfer Student Alliance events, and apply for internships within your major. I highly recommend taking advantage of the resources offered by the Transfer Student Center, Career Services, and enrolling in ED 118. Be strategic with your time here at UCSB because time will fly by incredibly fast and it's important to make the most of your UCSB experience!