Naomi Dasari

Peer Educator (2022-2023)


Naomi Dasari is a bi-racial daughter of immigrants and a transfer student from American River College. She is a fourth-year student majoring in Political Science with a focus on International Relations. At American River College, Naomi was active in the Vocal Jazz Ensemble, Model United Nations, and Student Senate, where she served as Student Senate President. Since coming to UCSB, Naomi has joined the UCSB women’s choir (Lumina), worked several part-time jobs, participated in Food Not Bombs and Planned Parenthood Generation Action, and continues to attend as many campus events as she can. When she is lucky to find free time, Naomi enjoys reading (you can find her book reviews on GoodReads!), swimming in the ocean, practicing piano, painting, and falling asleep on the beach.


Gender Pronouns: She/They

Campus Involvement(s): TSC Peer Educator

Major(s)/Minor(s): Political Science

Advice for Transfers: UCSB is a large school and it is easy to feel lost in its enormity. As a student, and especially a transfer student in a new and large environment, it is incredibly important to have a solid support system. Whether it is a mentor, a campus group, friends, or roommates, having a strong support system will be essential in maintaining your mental health and enjoying your time at UCSB.