Micaela Bermudez

Peer Educator (2018-2019)


Micaela is a first-generation, non-traditional transfer student from Santa Rosa Junior College in the North Bay. She is a fourth-year psychology major who is interested in a career that supports first-gen, low-income, and marginalized populations. She is passionate about encouraging transfer students and student-parents to get involved at UCSB, as she is a student-parent herself. She is also involved in research in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences. Her research examines first-gen college students' academic success. Despite her busy schedule, she has a fulfilling social life and enjoys meeting new people. On her spare time she enjoys attending campus events, exploring new places, and dancing.

Gender Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Major: Psychology
Minor: Applied Psychology

Campus Involvements: Transfer Student Mentoring Program (mentor), Non-Traditional Student Center, EOP, and research in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences

Advice for new transfers: It can be overwhelming attending a UC institution and it's okay to take your time adjusting. Once you are ready, try to get involved! There are many ways and opportunities to get involved at UCSB. Take advantage of all the resources UCSB has to offer and don't be afraid to ask for help. I'd recommend finding yourself a mentor who can help you navigate at UCSB and point you towards the direction of your educational and career goals. Remember that you do belong here and don't give up! Our transfer student community and staff support you!