Mason Bakken

Peer Educator


Mason is an incoming 4th-year transfer student from Chico California, he transferred from Butte College. He currently is majoring in Communication with a minor in Applied Psychology. With this degree he hopes to attend graduate school at San Francisco State and get a master's in counseling. Before transferring to UCSB last fall Mason spent much of his time working various jobs within Chico as well as fostering a good relationship with the transfer center at Butte College. The experiences he had there created a passion for counseling and the transfer student process, which made him excited to apply for the job as a TSC member and peer educator. When he is not busy, Mason enjoys hiking, swimming, and generally all things outdoors. As a new member of the TSC Mason aims to make the transfer process as frictionless as possible and give students the resources and support they need to succeed. 


Gender Pronouns: He/Him

Major(s) & Minor(s): Communication, Applied Psychology minor

Transferred from: Butte College

Campus Involvement: TSC Peer Educator


Advice For Transfers: My advice for transfers is to get a head start on your social life. The earlier you meet people and can develop a friend group the easier it becomes to lead a happy and successful life. This could mean a number of things from just interacting with people to joining a club but in general try to connect with people and put yourself out there.