Kayla Thompson

Peer Educator (2017-2018)


Kayla is a fourth-year first generation transfer student from Lindsay, California. She graduated and transferred from Porterville College with her A.A. and Certificate in Communication Studies, and is currently double majoring in Communication and Film and Media Studies. She loves dancing, watching movies, going to concerts, grabbing pizza with her friends and smothering her dog with all the love she can give.

Major: Communication/Film and Media Studies

Campus Involvements: Focus Media Journal with the Film and Media Department, Magic Lantern Films, EOP, MVMT Dance Club, Recreation Center dance classes, and Urban Dance Company

Advice for New Transfer Students: Get involved! I can’t stress this enough. Your interests will guide you somewhere here on campus. Utilize your campus resources such as CAPS when you need a quick massage-chair break, or go to events put on by campus organizations to meet new people. There is so much to do here at UCSB. At times it can be overwhelming, but when you find that steady pace juggling your academic and social involvements, the feeling is gratifying. You only have so much time, so make it count! Stay focused and have fun :)