Haodong (Jason) Yan

Lead Peer Educator (2022-2023)


Jason is a senior transfer student from UC Santa Cruz pursuing B.S. in Statistics and Data Science. He was born and raised in Shanxi, China. Jason has been studying in the United States since 2015. In his free time, Jason enjoys playing tennis and billiards with friends; when the seasons arrive, he always goes skiing.


Gender Pronouns: He/Him/His

Campus Involvement(s): TSC Peer Educator

Major(s)/Minor(s): Statistics and Data Science

Advice for Transfers: Do not overthink past events that might seem terrible to you. Living is an ongoing process, and dwelling on the past would only stop you from moving forward. Also, reach out to peers and faculty members on campus if you need any assistance with something. They would love to connect you with the resources that you need.