Hanz Herman

Peer Educator


Hi y’all, I love intaking the fresh air from simply walking and being surrounded by nature, I’m curious about lived experiences, a lover of knowledge, and a life learner, I get energized from emotionally mature conversations with friends, feeling the sun’s warmth seep into my melanin-rich skin, listening to emotionally charging music, and eating warm hearty meals that nourish my soul <3. When you see me around campus, feel free to stop me and say hello!


Gender Pronouns: He/Him/They/Them

Major(s) & Minor(s): Communication

Transferred From: College of the Canyons 

Campus Involvements: TSC Peer Educator, El Congreso Member, Daily Nexus Photographer, STTP RA, Health Media Advisory Board Member, SBKClub Dancer, RADical Health Peer Leader, Rec cen rock climber, Taekwondo student, MentorCollective Mentor.


Advice for Transfers: Allow yourself to welcome and enjoy opportunities around you. You might be pleasantly surprised with what an experience will bring and the amount of memories you can create. This isn’t to say try things that make you feel unsafe or go against your beliefs, it simply means try things you might not have originally tried. Get comfortable getting uncomfortable, adapting, and intentionally spending your time with how you want to cultivate your life. Yes, you have 2 (even 3) years at UCSB. Your 1st and even 2nd quarters are going to be rough, and you really learn as you go; however, you have to plan. Your time is valuable and how you utilize it during these 2 years is your currency as a student. What you value becomes apparent in college and that’s up to you to decide. The clock is ticking either way, so don’t shy away from putting yourself out there, hopping from skill to skill. the way you show up to experiences is governed by the timeframe left in college.