Habib Habibi

Peer Educator (2017-2018)


As a transfer student from Orange County, and originally born and raised in Iran, Habib had the chance to attend one of the greatest schools on Earth – UCSB!  Choosing Economics as his major was the easiest decision he ever made. He is hoping to go to business school and get his master’s in business administration or marketing. Habib’s true passion is Film. He realized Film Marketing combines his two greatest interests; Movies, and Business. Ever since that realization, every decision he makes is to pursue his passion.  To support that goal he participated in a summer documentary production program and produced his first film "Out of the Ashes" with the help of 4 other producers. 


Major: Economics

Advice for new transfers: Time goes by fast at UCSB, Enjoy your time here and use all the resources. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. This is a friendly campus and everyone is willing to help.