Faith Myles

Peer Educator (2019-2020)


Faith Myles is a first-generation transfer student from Moorpark Community College in Ventura County. She is currently a fourth-year Psychological and Brain Sciences Major. She is hoping to pursue a Master’s degree to become a Physician’s Assistant. Faith enjoys exploring new places, and recently had the opportunity to study abroad in Spain.  She also enjoys spending her free time outdoors and listening to music.


Gender Pronouns: She/Her/Hers


Major: Psychological and Brain Sciences


Campus Involvements: Transfer Student mentoring Program (mentor), BSU, Impact, Research Assistant for the Psychology department


Advice for New Transfers: Your time here at UCSB feels like it will go by fast, and you will feel like there is not enough time to be involved in on campus, but you do! Take a deep breath and relax a little bit. Enjoy your time here and do not wait to get involved with organizations and clubs on or off campus. Try to get involved during your first year after transferring  so you have those established connections going into your last year at UCSB.