Eduardo Santana III

Peer Educator (2017-2018)


Eddie is a transfer from Cerritos College. Although school takes a big part of his time, Eddie is not defined by just academics, he also enjoy living an extremely social life. He loves meeting new people, as well as exploring new places. However, if you really want to get to know him there is no better conversation than music. There is nothing better than listening to some sick tunes, music amplifies the mood. Music is life!

Major/Minor: Philosophy/Education

Advice for New Transfer: As a transfer student we are on a race against time. We encounter many opportunities as well as hardships. Some of these hardships might be academic, but believe me when I say that you can make it happen. Do not just sit there and let somebody tell you that you are at the end of a certain academic/professional path. You are resourceful individuals who can find the right people to talk to! You have persevered to get here, now continue to push forward until you reach where you want to be!