Dharma Lewis

Peer Educator (2022-2023)


Dharma is a fifth-year, first-generation transfer student from Moorpark College, and is currently working on her Bachelor’s degree in Biopsychology. Before transferring, she completed a Biology AS-T and graduated as a COPE Health Scholar to prepare for a 

medical career. At UCSB, she found that her passion for research and science communication began to thrive. She is now exploring a variety of interesting topics in biopsychology in multiple labs on campus, and plans to pursue a doctoral program to conduct interdisciplinary research and practice inclusive teaching. She is passionate about advocacy for student success and wellbeing, and keeping the culture of collaborative community alive at UCSB and back home in Los Angeles. Outside of the library, you can find her in a hoodie on the beach writing, driving around with an audiobook trying to get lost in SB’s hidden gems, or doing aerial yoga wherever she can find some silks. 

Gender Pronouns: She/Her/Hers 

Campus Involvements: Tutor for Psychological and Brain Sciences, Student Life Intern, Member of the Society of Undergraduate Psychologists, RA and Lab Manager for the META Lab, RA for the Social Perception Lab and Mayer Lab for Learning and Instruction, and Avid Amateur in Intramural Soccer 

Major(s)/Minor(s): Biopsychology 

Advice for New Transfers: Remember that you belong here at UCSB. You are more than capable of succeeding in whatever calls on you. There is beauty in the patience, and growth in the struggle--and the community is here for you. It can be difficult to socialize and put yourself out there. It comes with time and practice, and being patient and gentle with yourself. A good first step is going to office hours. Seriously. Please. Go. to. Office. Hours! You do not need a specific question, teachers love talking about their work and sharing their stories to help students navigate academia (and other things!). You’ll build and strengthen professional relationships, learn about the topics you’re passionate about from an insider’s perspective, and meet other like-minded classmates!