Darwin Lopez

Peer Educator (2021-2022)


Darwin is a first-generation scholar Salvadorean-American transferring from Merritt College and from Oakland, CA. He is a fellow of the Humanitarian Asian Affairs and recently attended their United Nations Conference in Bangkok, Thailand. Darwin is passionate about foreign relations, policies, and immigration issues. He is currently the external director at the transfer student alliance organization which also helps transfer students to ease their transition from CC to SB through different events and support. Also, he is a marketing coordinator for “Otra Cosa Network'', a Peruvian NGO which promotes education and social development in the communities of Peru. After graduation, he plans to go to grad school in diplomacy. During his free time, he enjoys drawing, hiking, fishing, playing video games, and going out with friends.

Gender Pronouns: He/Him/His

Campus Involvement: Model United Nations, Hermanos Unidos, External Director of Transfer Student Alliance, Peer Educator at Transfer Student Center

Major/Minor: Major- Global Studies

Advice to transfer: My advice is to make the most out of your resources and network! It is very important to network as you do not know where it’ll take you and check into office hours with professors. This is where you try new things, meet new friends, and learn the most you possibly can during your time here! Also, the TSC and other school resources have your back when you have any questions or seeking help, we might be able to help you out! Welcome to UCSB!