Daniel Pereda

Peer Educator (2021-2022)


Daniel is a senior transfer student from Chabot College. He is a 1st generation student and who grew up in East Oakland. He is currently pursuing a career in higher education to eventually become the dean of special programs at his local community college. He transferred to UCSB during the pandemic and has been living in Isla Vista for over a year now. In his spare time, He loves to go hikes in the hope of finding the perfect view, lift weights, and eat large amounts of food (but definitely a picky eater).

Pronouns: He/Him/His
Campus involvement: TSC Peer Educator
Majors/minor: Majoring in Linguistics and minoring in Applied Psych
Advice for transfers: My biggest advice for transfers is to get involved! Participating in events is the best way to meet new friends, counselors, and administrators who want you to succeed and enjoy your time at UCSB.