Courtney Zielke

Peer Educator (2020-2021)


Courtney A. Zielke (she/her(s)) is a 3rd-year transfer student majoring in Chemistry and minoring in English from Los Angeles. She is originally from Seattle, Washington. She loves being outdoors, reading, playing video games, and watching sports. After graduating from UCSB, Courtney hopes to either go to grad school in Germany, do research in a lab, or become a forensic scientist. 


Gender Pronouns: She/her(s)

Campus Involvements: Transfer Center - Mentor Program

Major(s)/Minor(s): Major - Chemistry/ Minor- English

Advice for Transfers: Explore campus and Santa Barbara as a whole. Make a point to enjoy the beauty that is all around. Try new things and find a place/organization on campus that make you feel welcome. Reach out to your TA’s if there is a need for clarification. They are major resources that are there for you and to help you succeed. Enjoy your time at UCSB.