Avida Martinez

Peer Educator (2022-2023)


Avida is a Senior Transfer from Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa but is originally from Anaheim, CA. She is working on earning a BA in Economics and is interested in working as a financial planner or in the wealth management industry. At her previous institution, she worked with the transfer center as well as their promise program as a peer mentor. Throughout her time at OCC, she has grown a passion for helping students make college a little less confusing which she has continued to do at UCSB by becoming a co-leader in UCSB's Transfer Student class ED 118. In her free time, she also enjoys rock climbing, roller skating, watching movies, playing video games, and going out to eat.


Gender Pronouns: She/her/hers 

Campus Involvement(s): Peer Educator at TSC 

Major(s)/Minor(s): Economics

Advice to Transfers: The best advice I could give is if you feel lost, find help early! The faculty and staff, whether at the Transfer Student Center or another department, are always willing to help students who are struggling. So always feel free to ask for help without any worry. Transferring to a new school can be intimidating and no one expects you to know everything already. Also, I highly encourage you to go to any and all events that interest you, you'll never know the friends you could make along the way.