Anika Gillespie-Jones

Peer Educator (2018-2019)


Anika transferred to UCSB from Santa Rosa Junior College and she is a first-generation college student pursuing her fourth year to get her degree in Black Studies and take that BA to create a Non-Profit that will provide guidance for low-income and marginalized students so that they reach their goals. She enjoys giving back to her community and volunteering in various things to help bring resources to others. You can normally see her walking around on/off campus, relishing in the sunsets and constantly experiencing the beauty that surrounds UCSB.

Major: Black Studies
Minor: Education

Campus Involvment: Black Student Engagement Program (BSEP)

Advice for New Transfers: Take your time with everything that you do! It may seem like everything has to be done in fast pace but remember to pause, breath and recollect your thoughts. Trust me, you will succeed and you were made to be here because you worked so hard at your CC that now you at one of the top 5 public colleges! Never think anything is out of reach because you already prove to yourself that you can accomplish everything you put your mind to. Don't give up, keep pushing and you will be walking to grab your degree sooner than later!