Alison Do

Peer Educator


Alison is a junior transfer student from Pasadena City College. She is pursuing a BA in Environmental Studies with hopes of working in a career involving environmentally conscious urban planning to leave her mark on the world. She has a passion for art and enjoys playing piano, drawing or painting, and watching shows and movies in her free time.


Gender Pronouns: She/Her

Major(s) & Minor(s): Environmental Studies, Spatial Science minor

Transferred From: Pasadena City College

Campus Involvement: Nikkei Student Union


Advice for New Transfers: 

Starting university life as a transfer can undoubtedly be difficult, but the community at UCSB is so welcoming and you can definitely find fruitful experiences and relationships. Remember, university doesn't just have to be about academics; it's about personal growth, networking, and seizing opportunities. You're starting a new phase of life so embrace the challenges and make the most out of your time here; keep an open mind, be proactive, and take advantage of the fact that there is a beach in your backyard!