Alan Soto

Peer Educator (2019-2020)


Alan Soto was born in Mexico City and raised in East Los Angeles (Lincoln Heights/Boyle Heights/Echo Park) since he was 6 years old. He was involved in soccer, baseball, boxing, and track and field throughout his childhood and high school years. During his community college (C.C.) years he was part of the Associate Student Union, John Delloro, Puente, American Federation of Teachers Local 1521, and other organizations. He has a strong passion in advocating for the working class and social justice. Soto was able to transfer from East Los Angeles College last year (2017) with a Political Science major and two Associate degrees. Last year Soto enrolled into Applied Psychology and Education.

Soto is aiming to become the best community college counselor after completing a master program. His other goals are to run for office, start a business and non-profit organization. This past summer, Soto worked at Georgetown University in Washington DC for the enrichment Summer Hoya Program.


Gender Pronouns: He/Him/His

Major: Potitical Science

Campus InvolvementsLobby Corp, Hermanos Unidos, Transfer Student Alliance, and USS faculty mentoring program for undocumented student


Advice for new transfers: Hello Gauchos! Of course, make sure you get good grades, but also get involved with student organizations or programs on campus. Getting involved on campus is a good way to start networking. Do not be shy to ask one of us (the Peer Educators) about any orgs or programs you might be interested in. Lastly, I highly recommend all of you to visit your professors’ office hours early in the quarter so you have a better opportunity to build a good relationship (which could result in a recommendation letter in the future).